Beautiful Art Made Just for You

Get a custom piece made from Jenny Lynn Artistry

One of the best ways to remember a special person, place or time is through a beautiful piece of art. Decorate your home with one-of-a-kind artwork from Jenny Lynn Artistry.

Jenny Lynn Artistry offers commissioned portraits, landscapes, animals and so much more. Specializing in realistic art forms, Jenny Lynn can bring your vision to life on paper or canvas. All you need is a simple idea, and Jenny Lynn can create what you have in mind.

Bring custom artwork into your home

Jenny Lynn can create custom artwork in almost any medium. When you have an idea for a portrait or landscape piece, she can bring your vision to life in...

Oil paintings
Acrylic paintings
Watercolor paintings
Graphite pencil drawings
Colored pencil drawings
Digital art

You can also purchase the NFT of your original piece. Fill out the form on our Book Now page to commission a custom drawing or painting from Jenny Lynn Artistry.

Remember your loved ones forever

Losing someone you love is always tough, but having a beautiful portrait of them can help to keep the memories alive. Jenny Lynn Artistry specializes in portrait drawings of people and animals that you never want to forget. All you need is a simple photo of your loved one, and Jenny Lynn can recreate the image in a large drawing or painting to hang on your wall.

Contact Jenny Lynn Artistry today to see what she can create for you.